Vivenes, reflecting himself

Jose Vivenes, Caracas 2017

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A passion, once work…

Vivenes´ visual chronicles

One rarely realizes that a human being might be dignified by the simple act of working, because we hardly see that it actually opens opportunities to discover and develop our hidden skills. Such an intelectually realistic approach faces Jose Vivenes his work as a painter that I recently met in a scouting trip to an into turmoil thrown Venezuela. A conversation with Vivenes goes, and it went, beyond painting. It might tackles life deciding moments that, he revealed, will remain one´s life companions. “For me, It is therefore important to develop a sort of passion out of everything that one does,” concludes Vivenes. In part I of our One on One Interview with Vivenes, we spoke about the beginning of his painting adventure.

The following interview took place in Vivenes´Atelier in Venezuela´s capital city, Caracas.

Vivenes´works on paper : Impressive

A commitment to human dignity remains Vivenes´main issue







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