Ulf Puder, urban moments

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“It´s actually landscape painting”

Discovering a real passion makes us believe in oneself´s life sense. For many, passion is the search for that sense. Human and urban developments are somehow the pure reflection of it and, not surprisingly, the artistic approach of Ulf Puder, a German contemporary painter whose observation remain link to human creativity. The reinterpretation on Puder´s paintings is based, above all, on peoples´achievements and failures in the coexistence with nature. Ulf Puder gets inspiration from invisible urban play´s protagonists.

“My work is landscape painting,” Puder introduces himself and tries to explain an altered environment or natural space that one can see on his works. Puder processes productivity signs of the mankind on his works and highlights the ever changing physical space, without neglecting the plain beauty of nature, and thus paving the way for a human – nature interaction that might be an example of protocooperation at some extent. For Puder, the landscape does not go through major changes. “It is matter of changes in urban moments tied to the presence of humans,” Ulf Puder says. Ironically, one rarely sees people on Puder´s paintings and describes them as images of objects unless one gets to know the painter´s revelation.

Reasons of a complete artist

Many of Puder´s paintings have historic names that he recalls from old works, which he got inspired by. Not only old but also new developments and experiences of the daily life serve as sources of inspiration for Puder. “I think the landscape painting is a type of painting that is recurrent, it goes back and forth. We have to see our painting works between what existed and what we have now. And since I´m open to sources of inspiration, I like to use the title of the original work. It is like an homage to an original work,” Ulf Puder adds. Landscape painting is just one of the most influential elements of the artist´s face though. He prefers to talk about “urban painting and moments”, since it is all about mirroring an invisible protagonist, the human.

Puder on an invisible human presence

Part of this German painter education was done in England as he was in Chelteham, in South England, during his graduate studies. he is a very rooted person to his hometown, Leipzig. There, Puder lives and carries out many activities that he weights as meaningful to the process and challenge of sorting ideas out for creating his pieces. The observation of Puder´s paintings might make us fail at judging or interpreting his artistic intention: One rarely finds a person on his works. Strange! One would say. But let´s assume that people less paintings, at first glance, are far from being human free works. ” I do not have to depict what people do or how they work and perform. I show the result of what people have achieved in my urban paintings. That´s how I call it. Urban paintings, and urbanity depends on people. People are there” the Leipzig based artist revealed.

At the permanent exhibition of one of Germany´s most known museums, people have the opportunity to see Puder´s works.

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Watch the whole interview with Ulf Puder (split in two parts)

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