Ugly Duck's creative call out is open!

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DEADLINE 3 April 2017 / 6pm

Every 6 months Ugly Duck seeks creative projects to take place in their spaces in London.

Ugly Duck programmes a diverse range of projects, and whilst they work closely with artists, they are also keen to see submissions from groups in other disciplines including but not limited to architecture; science, information and technology; social sciences; activism. Ugly Duck is interested in projects that involve audiences in new and dynamic ways, work across disciplines, and educate and advocate for social, political and environmental change.

This season Ugly Duck has chosen the theme Real/Virtual.

In an era where technology is fully assimilated in society, art and media, augmented and virtual reality have shifted the definition of what constitutes the ‘real world’. What is the definition of reality today? ‘Does ‘virtual’ necessarily stand in opposition to ‘real’? Ugly Duck would like to investigate the effects this could have on the future of art, and invites artists and creatives to present their thoughts and ideas. Will technology improve our future, making it green and sustainable or could it be our downfall??

Key Words

Virtual Reality | Multidisciplinary | New Media | Immersive | Social Changes | Future Reality

Please follow this link for more info and how to apply

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