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After two years of snowballing success Chrom-Art announces the upcoming third Edition of #TRIBE17 that will take place from Oct 12 to 15 at OXO Bargehouse, London. A festival set to promote talented emerging and undiscovered artists, giving them a unique platform to exhibit in Central London, in many cases for the first time ever.

#TRIBE17 is FREE ENTRY energy-fuelled show featuring over 200 international and UK-based artists from the world of contemporary art, music, and performance. A family friendly ‘living exhibition’ encouraging cross-disciplinary creative collaboration and offering free access to all activities and experiences. 150 hot visual artists participate in the art sale section, with a special prize sponsored by JustGiclee. Artists come to London from over 20 different countries including Brazil, Russia, USA and Japan.

OXO Bargehouse is the new venue of #TRIBE17

The festival is conceived as an immersive multicultural festival engaging a diversity of art forms including 2D and 3D art works, virtual reality experiences, digital art, installations, short film, concerts and performances. This year will be held at OXO Bargehouse, a distinctive Central London landmark boasting 15,000 sq ft of warehouse space over five floors that will become a utopian space where notions of physicality and the limitations associated with it will be challenged through a dense network of multiple human relations and energies.

This year, ‘Love’ and its manifestations is the overall theme of the festival. A very modern example of how the expression of love has been simplified, is the use of XOXO – hugs and kisses – as a written gesture of sincerity, love and good friendship. With XOXO@OXO Chrom-Art invited artists to explore any manifestations of the abstract concept of love, the need to have them, their effectiveness against hate and division, and their ability to originate more love.

LaJuan Gallery co-founders Juan Gomez-Aleman (right) and Alex de La Croix (left)

After their huge success at #TRIBE16, the famous Spanish project LA JUAN Gallery, pioneer of the first gallery fully dedicated to live art in Madrid, returns this year to present a programme specially curated for the festival. A series of outstanding indoor and outdoor performances from acts coming from all over Europe, catered for public of all ages and some specially for children.

After being shortlisted by LUMEN Prize 2017 for the installation they presented at #TRIBE16, multi-award winning project ITHACA Experiments comes back with ‘The Typewriter’ an amazing installation of real time video remix & live performance showing Ithaca’s hacked 1920s Remington Portable typewriter with video mapping and touch control.

‘Relax & Release’ by KIMATICA Studio

KIMATICA Studio presents ‘Relax & Release’ an astonishing interactive installation originally commissioned by Tate Liverpool that uses coded visuals and motion sensing technology to track the body’s movement and project a digital reflection of the spectator’s body. Using contrasting visuals and sound design, the piece takes audiences to different audiovisual journeys through states of relaxation or release, inviting exploration of the body’s movements without constraints or directions.

Rising star AV artist ASZYK is premiering his new extraordinary audiovisual show at the festival – ‘Floral Intensities’ is a mix of vibrant worlds and geometric forms that come together with heavy beat driven sounds to create a uniquely blended experience. Aside from his live performance, the audience will be invited to explore the set, seeing how the music and visuals are synced together and can be sequenced in a series of workshops and installations.

For Saturday Oct 14 evening Chrom-Art programmed something truly special – ‘Love in the City’ Concert, an open-air performance by Orchestra of the City with a synaesthetic screening by 2015 LUMEN prize finalist David Moraton. Following this year’s festival ‘Love’ theme, Orchestra of the City, London’s leading non-professional ensemble presents a programme that incorporates some of the greatest musico-dramatic works about love, led by musical director Chris Hopkins. The immersive nature of this performance is designed for most people to stand and move freely around the orchestra members. GET TICKETS

Artist Ange Mukeza at #TRIBE16 Kids Workshops

And for the youngest Chrom-Art has prepared a wide array of artists-led FREE ‘walk-in’ children’s workshops to explore multiple creative fields from sketching to digital art, with materials kindly donated by GreatArt, running on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon. As spaces can are limited, early booking is recommended. GET TICKETS

Let’s not forget the highly awaited ‘Tenbomb Bar’ run by the very popular Tenbomb, one the most exciting street art collectives now in the UK. While our Cinema Room will be showcasing a selection of short films by artists from all over the world, and you can also enjoy the music curated by resident DJs and guests playing live throughout the festival.

Artists will be inviting visitors to take part in a variety of activities and seeking lively interaction
with the public. Opening up new encounters, establishing a sense of community that goes
beyond geographical limitations, #TRIBE17 becomes a playground for artists across genre where the multi-layered relationship between space and identity will be constantly tested.

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