#TRIBE17 International Art Festival - Call for Artists


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After two years of snowballing success Chrom-Art is pleased to announce the Call for Artists for our upcoming third Edition of #TRIBE17 International Art Festival.

All UNREPRESENTED emerging and mid-career artists working in ALL MEDIA invited to apply now until 31st July 2017.

An international Art festival involving cross-disciplinary Arts including 2D art works, sculpture, street art, art installations, immersive virtual reality experiences, music, dance and performance, #TRIBE17 will be held in one of the most EXCITING venues in the heart of London.

Dates of the #TRIBE17 Festival:

Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th October 2017

In order to express what love is, or the love we can feel, we use tangible, understandable structures – words, visual elements, music, touch. It’s our attempt to refer to something that is by default abstract and ineffable, but deeply present in our everyday life. The epistemology of love tries precisely to understand how we manage to express love and this has involved philosophy, art, language and theory of emotions since the ancient Greeks.

A very modern example of how the expression of love, especially in digital communication, has been simplified can be found in the use of XOXO – hugs and kisses – as a written gesture of sincerity, love and good friendship. X and O have come to adopt many meanings throughout the ages. For christianity, the cross is the ultimate expression of love and sacrifice for others. A ring is also a universal sign for love and commitment. The more recent emoticon-inspired interpretation is that an “X” is stylized representation of two mouths kissing, while “O” shows two pairs of arms coming together to complete a hug.

With XOXO@OXO we invite artists to explore any manifestations of the abstract concept of love, the need to have them, their effectiveness against hate and division, and their ability to originate more love.

To reflect the experimental and innovative nature of the show, #TRIBE17 will be held this year at OXO Bargehouse, a distinctive Central London landmark boasting 1400 m2 of warehouse space over five floors.

Artists are required to submit a strong, cohesive body of work produced within the last three years preferably responding to the theme of LOVE manifestation, and addressing the uniqueness of the space. Moving image and installation works are particularly welcome.

If work will be created specifically for the show, artist are encouraged to keep in mind that #TRIBE17 is an interactive, participative and collaborative experience for both artists taking part and the public attending. The broad scope of the project is to facilitate a social-artistic experience that will enable artists to manifest the innate human ability to work together towards a goal that is greater than the addition of the parts. An ability that is largely spontaneous, fast and auto coordinated.

Lead curators: Beata Kozlowska and Kris Cieslak

PR: trufflesocial.com

For additional information, as well as for applying, visit our website www.chrom-art.org
For questions, please send us an email to tribe@chrom-art.org


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  1. wanted to apply but can t find the application anywhere just a lot of repetitive stuff about it Is the application period open? If so how does one appply Is there an application?

    David Rohn

  2. Hi David,

    Please follow this link: https://www.chrom-art.org/tribe17-call-4-artists/ and scroll down to the paragraph in bright yellow

    Best wishes,

    Chrom-Art team

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