Todomuta; the tireless search for new forms


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Todomuta is relatively young, barely 189,216,000 seconds; approximately six terrestrial years since the moment in 2011 when Laura and Sergio’s trajectories converged in a non-violent collision and became something together that went beyond each one of them on their own. Something that is almost impossible to define as, since then, they have been in constant change, a tireless search for new forms and gazes that orbit around art and design, exploring its frontiers. A discourse that is recognisable for its singularity, but lacking in static laws. A sensibility that is conscious of art being the way. Probably the only one.

It could also be said that Todomuta is a design studio; but this would be an incomplete truth. Because we would be leaving out their vital definition, their emotion and the protean capacity of what makes it unique. Freedom of image and attitude, not subject to established norms. If creation is to have no limits, neither must creators. Thus the studio delves into the roots of archaeology, anthropology and nature to create its own collective imagination: a unique universe that insists on the same themes but that incorporates new and varied references.

25 metres tall aluminium sculpture for the House of European History museum in Brussels.

But Todomuta also admires tradition; it owes it its ancestral aesthetic features, like the roaring of primeval structures that hybridize with a futuristic and sophisticated air. The mystery of ambiguity and the fusion of opposites. As a consequence, this gives way to the creation of a timeless object, with magic capable of conjuring any imitative trend in the market. An object conceived to surprise and even disquiet. An object that awakens in the viewer a desire that goes beyond a mere act of consumption. The ritual of the unique piece, furnished with matter and spirit.

Todomuta is not an isolated planet, it makes sure that it is part of a connected network of multiple disciplines and researchers, to help it obtain nutrients and grow, and allow it to create the most adequate team for each project. This same network of connections has ensured that architecture, fashion and interior design brands and professionals have shown an interest in the idiosyncrasy of the studio, in a sensibility that is conscious of art being the way. Probably the only one.

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