The 'Open Window' and 'The Toast' exhibitions are now open in London

'Open Window' by Robin Footitt Installation View (2018)
New Art Projects, London

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The ‘Open Window’ solo show by Robin Footitt and ‘The Toast’ group exhibition curated by Footitt, are now open until 21st December at New Art Projects gallery in London.


An open window was once symbolic of freedom, escape and new greener pastures. The term open window has now been applied to on screen work activity. For Robin Footitt’s second exhibition at New Art Projects he comments upon the way in which the now familiar language of the screen, tablet or smart phone can sometimes complicate or obscure the real meaning of an image.
The new digital formats of viewing images have become so widespread that their limitations are forgotten. We swipe, we enlarge, we delete, we touch, we copy, we paste… we edit. It has become a new language in our lives, with new gestures and a new form of mark making which impact on Footitt’s process of making art.
Napkin Variations comes from a series of drawings scaled to the dimension of his own phone screen. The playful unfolding of a napkin becomes a time-based ritual for idle hands, arranged in a composition familiar as a window. The open window is manipulated to “square” the drawing and the image is cropped to fit the dimensions of the social media platform Instagram.
This exhibition also extends  the themes from his previous exhibition Modern Grammar, 2016. In You Left Me he revisits the plurality of loss with three images of an undeveloped 35mm camera film, three photographs captured but never resolved – only to be developed years later when both moment in time has passed and the photographer has passed away.

‘Open Window’ by Robin Footitt Installation View (2018)
New Art Projects, London

Robin Footitt (b. 1982) studied at Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art, London. Footitt lives and works in Bow, East London and is a former resident of Acme Studios’ Fire Station Residency, Bromley-by-Bow, London (2010 – 2015), The Florence Trust, London (2009) and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2008). Recent exhibitions include Modern Grammar, New Art Projects, London (2016); What Cannot Be Contained, Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (2015) and The Trouble With Painting Today, Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London (2014).
As well as exhibiting his solo show Robin will also be curating The Toast, an exhibition of his contemporaries.


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Ladies & Gentleman please raise your glasses for the toast…”

‘The Toast’ Group Exhibition
Installation View (2018)
New Art Projects, London

“The Toast is loosely based on experience – every unappreciated person has been overlooked at some point in their lives, whether it is to be marginalised or simply underplayed at a significant stage of their development. It is my wish to turn these occasional setbacks into a positive appraisal and look towards my peers and their own practices, celebrating what is relevant to art making and, in a generational sense, current today.” – Robin Footitt
Participating artists:
Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom / Stewart Cliff / David Edwards / George Little / Eugene Macki / Simon Math
Thu 01 Nov 2018 – Fri 21 Dec 2018
New Art Projects, 6D Sheep Lane, London, E8 4QS

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