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Illusive Math

Title: “Square rotation”, 2019


From museum-goer to museum installer, India Serena embraces the legacy of some greats of the geometric art of her home country. Born in Venezuela, India Serena left it for France, where she graduated in Visual Arts at Paris VIII University, decided to live and work. Since then she has established herself as one of new geometric artists, in constructivism, to be in the footsteps of the main representatives of this artistic movement  that originated in Russia  and spread in the most remote places and having an impact on other modern art movements such as Bauhau, De Stijl, Graphic design and industrial design. “As far as constructivism is concerned, it continues to be a benchmark thanks to its avant garde and contemporary characters,” India Serena explains. Serena has been in numerous museum exhibitions and galleries shows along with the renown artists. 

Serena´s geometric abstraction continues to make the spectators part of her works. They reach a playwright point thanks to geometric constructions and colour combinations that create an fascinating illusion, thus gently urging everyone to apply our common mathematic memories in our physical environment.


As a little girl, Serena felt already attracted to the complexity of the conceptual artworks that spread in most Caracas´ museums and public areas as a result of a worldwide surge of kinectic  art by mostly Venezuelan contemporary artists such as Carlos Cruz Diez, Jesús Soto, Gego, amongst others.

Title: “Square rotation”, 2019

Nowadays, their works are part of the most important museums of modern arts like The Paris Centre Pompidou , MOMA New YorkMuseum Geselnkirchen and Frankfurt´s SchirnKusnthalle. Growing up, most young artists of Serena´s generation were influenced by the legacy of these masters. India Serena belongs to the new generation, and she already embraced it gracefully to create a name on her own. Instituitions such as Dallas Museum of Geometric and Madi Art (USA), Bonn Arithmeum Museum (Germany), Saarlois Museum Haus Ludwig (Germany),Marcigny Center for Contemporary Art (France) or  Tome Satoru Sato Museum (Japan) have shown India Serena´s artworks. The artist´s proposals are characterised by a combination of lines, geometry, forms and sensations caused by them as a whole. “I look for symmetry, optic vibrations and a specific form,” she reveals. And she continues ” I love drawing freely and  I have to go through my drawings without analysing them. From there, I organise my ideas mentally and manually, ” Serena recalls. It sounds like a creative relief practice that ends on canvases or materials suited to an initial idea. 

Serena admits to be very tied to the idea of motion in her artworks. In her series “Order, Sequence, rhythm” or “Square verticality” she tries to play with the optic vibrations with a clear formality and conceptual approach. “I follow my instincts more than my mind. I always take room for improvisation; rules and calculations would follow too,” India Serena rounds it up.

The Paris based painter continues to explore new waters. She started working on innovative materials that would grant new aspects to her works, pulling out new “visual” effects. Her latest pieces called “Square rotation” are acrylic on canvas with a central module in yellow plexiglas, which reflects the external light. These works are clear proof of her affection for motion and optic illusion. Thanks to the use of geometric forms, Serena tries to reach a pretended volume before our eyes in a attempt for tridimensional presentation. Like it, calculate. Get impressed in the illusion.

By Vincent Echenique

Instagram: @iam_vincech

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Artist: India Serena



Galerie Heike Strelow Frankfurt (GERMANY)

Graphic Art Caracas -Miami (VENEZUELA – USA)

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