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Painter: Ana Dévora, 2020

Title: Bahiana


A simple painting curse for beginners would merely last two months. Why ? Because they were always telling her what to do. It would make anybody else back off or, even, give up.

Luckily, her talent surpassed conventions of learning and flourished by exploiting her innate skills of painting. Even as a young girl, she knew that she was at it, at painting.  With A pen, a pencil, you name it. It is and has been part of her life from the very early age. A free spirit living young lady from Madrid who embodies freedom., what one is in search for. Ana Devora seems to have a love – disgust dilemma with conventions. Sharing common values is fine.  But it is not, for her, if it were taken to the extreme end. She had refused to live by orthodox rules as a kid, she reveals. Painting was her way of sensing freedom and she was not willing to give it up. Asked if the will might be innate in her, Ana Devora smiling responds “Always, always, it accompanied me throughout.”

Back in school, teachers wanted the 6 year old Ana Devora  to paint little flowers, she  preferred  to try it further. Perhaps she was that far.  “I don´t know. I just wanted to paint faces. I don´t know  whether I was more developed in painting than the others but it bored me to death being by the rules that everyone might be painting the same the whole time,” she reveals.

Painter: Ana Dévora, 2020

Title: Lucky numbers

It is palpable, her drive for freedom in doing what she wants. She barely followed school conventions that would make her fall deep into boredom. She relates it to a lack of freedom and is reluctant to produce. She better creates imaginatively.  Ana Devora possesses an inquisitive thinking, a quest for exploration, investigation, and learning that grants her that free spirit to keep going. Her works say it all.

Her paintings reflect a broader and deeper view of people. Despite the artistic diversity of  Ana Devora´s work, every single of them tackles the same, which is the communication amongst human beings and how they treat each other, thus telling about how we were raised and behave before one or another. Her works reveals a search for something new out of a compound of personal and social experiences that are well depicted in transitions of issues translated into strokes, lines and colours that open up the author´s  free and unique state of mind.

Author: Ana Dévora, 2020

Title: Interferences

Painter: Ana Dévora, 2020

Title: Glitch Amarelo

The artist´s latest series of paintings are called “Interference”. In it, she makes use of blurred lines that resemble visual interference that one usually sees on the TV screen. It is a metaphor to life struggles that might hamper everyone´s achievements. The painter regards it as a contraposition to “premises of what is socially accepted, disguised by this society as something distant, negative or with non apparent value that really lead you to think and feel beyond that is dictated as morally correct.”





The use of colour on her works results from an one moment feeling while painting. Ana Devora refuses to stick to an outline to paint, she said. Perhaps because she would otherwise have the feeling of repetition that could make fall into the boredom that differs from her nature.


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