Giant interactive cube by artist Rupert Newman landed in the City

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As part of the Broadgate summer campaign ‘Life Meets Tech,’ Projection Artworks created the thought-provoking art installation ‘Metamorphosis’ – a giant 3.5 x 3.5meter, interactive cube, in Finsbury Avenue Square, Broadgate.

The cube is made up of a combination of digital LED and static mirrored panels. The split between a mix of media and mirrored panels will showcase beautiful visual pieces, whilst reflecting the surrounding environment of the square, and homing in on the theme ‘Life Meets Tech.’

Metamorphosis has been live since 19th June and will continue to run until 28th July 2017. The cube has already exhibited Nemania Antanaskovic’s artwork ‘Proof by Contradiction’ and content for Pride festival. On 10th July date the cube will transform and exhibit a new concept by renowned digital display artist, Rupert Newman.

Newman has previously produced spectacular animated artwork and video mapping for high-profile events around the UK and Europe. His latest piece entitled ‘Broadgate Reflect’ inspired by location and the brand Broadgate, is set to become the ‘Life Box’ of the area.

To represent the spirit and hive of activity in Finsbury Avenue Square the visual content will display a range of animated geometric shapes, animal prints and cutting edge designs, with a vivid rainbow of colours that will morph fluidly into each other alongside a soothing soundtrack. If someone tweets ‘#BroadgateReflect’ the designs will ripple, and the volume of the soundtrack will increase for 20 seconds, as if someone has disturbed it. This is to encourage people to stop, look, listen and reflect. Newman will refresh the designs displayed each week.

The instructing text ‘don’t just look, listen’ aims to intrigue the viewer, and encourage them to tweet. Those who listen will hear a subtle, calming audio track by composer Sarah Warne. The audio adds an extra dimension to the installation and encourage people to visit the welcoming and restful destination of Finsbury Avenue Square.

Rupert Newman explains the thought behind his concept:
“The animated designs displayed on the cube are a stark contrast to the surrounding environment that aim to add intrigue and a splash of colour to people’s day. I encourage people to stop and reflect on the piece for a few minutes, and perhaps that will lead them on a more harmonious path that day”

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