"Knowledge is like a Swiss pocket knife"


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Oscar García Segui

Knowledge is like a Swiss pocket knife


Conveyance and mocking of contempt through irony might be understood as.. what ? Wait..!

Sculpture had always had a special use in the ancient times. It was one of the plastic arts bound to represent and pay tribute to the beloved superior figures of those historic people. Modern sculpture not only shook those ideas in terms of materials used but also the contempt of works of art. Oscar García Segui, a Venezuelan sculptor, understands and realises this visual art as a means of particularly conveying classic social values.

In light of that understanding, Garcia Segui’s work is considered as a beautiful sarcasm. Its beauty lies with an homage to the feminine body and virtues.

“I do highlight the virtues of the woman body according to today’s beauty patterns: skinny bodies, surreal volumes, keeping an eye on the women’s capability of achieving a lot, thanks to their sex appeal,” García Segui says and reveals a sort of critic to socio cultural approaches of most societies worldwide. He explains why a “classic” heart is used in his works as a proof of the sarcastic intention. “The women that I represent make use of their feminine attributes to play with their lovers. That is why I use a classic heart denoting a kitschy element in contrast to these women’s wickedness.”

In fact, sculpture looks like the ideal plastic art to embrace such a message. “To me, with sculpture is easier to represent the objects in three dimensions. Three dimensions allow me to have a better visualisation of the work,” explains Garcia Segui. However, he could have been bound to develop to the full in others arts. His grandfather was an established painter that influenced many of his family members. Garcia Segui tried in every way. He started with painting, took some sculpture courses and worked later as an illustrator.

Carpentry, smithy or making of ceramics were an option, but sculpture conquered Garcia Segui’s heart though. Unlike the fictitious men of his feminine sculptures, Garcia Segui does not allow the latter to play with him. He does weld, carve and model his creation’s destiny by means of a mixture of modern techniques that makes them unique. “I started with ceramics moulding,- basics- which was easy to work with; there were a lot of possibilities and limitations such as the three dimensions aspect, volume contrast and the physical support of the piece”, the Caribbean based sculptor describes and adds that the search for better options paid off.

“I discovered welding, as blacksmith for construction purposes. It offered me new possibilities of mixing techniques. At the moment, I implement carpentry and smithy. It is a mixture that came together with time. The last pieces that I’ve  been doing are based on a metallic structure, thus giving it a sort of motion. With it, one can see the expression and finish of the artwork. With a good structure, one can achieve great results and finish within the type of work that I’m doing”, Garcia Segui continues. Resin is also applied for modelling his women’s silhouette.

Oscar García Segui is grateful for his skills. “I started as a kid. I think it was a natural skill. I attended a school for sculpture and graphic design when I was a teenager. In my case, it is like a mixture of the two genres. I’m happy with this opportunity,” Garcia Segui confirms. Despite his young age and a lot of information that, some times, has a confusing impact, García Segui saw it as an advantage for later stages of his career. “Look, it is like a Swiss pocket knife that I use accordingly. It is even better to have that amount of information because I’m  always looking for new things that I can relate thanks to the knowledge that I have already. I love trying new techniques, new ways. For me, a daily work, the common work is not exciting. And I can notice it on the end result. People can see that. If there is no passion, then the piece will turn out to be a decorative object. That’s not my intention”. Garcia Segui condemns.
He keeps his original idea of making sculpture and art, “the basic concept of my work is humour. I try to transmit something funny, sarcastic. I would like to make people smile. I want to communicate to people to feel good”, he wraps it up. It is the conveyance and mocking of a message through irony. Garcia Segui’s works of art embrace sarcasm.
By Vincent Echenique
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