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Chrom-Art launches the Call for Artists for its upcoming project FT2 (Focus, Teamwork, Fresh time, Training). Unrepresented visual artists based in London are invited to apply now until 15/5/17.

FT2 , a Chrom-Art exhibition in collaboration with Actiu, will be held at Actiu London Showroom. 28 Seward Street, Clerkenwell, 23 May to 23 July 2017.

Coinciding with the start of the Clerkenwell Design Week, Chrom-Art is proud to launch its new collaboration with Actiu, leader in innovative design and manufacture of sustainable furniture for ‘cool working’ and public spaces, with presence in almost 100 countries.

Actiu is synonymous of active, curious and dynamic. And since the start of its journey in 1968, the company has not stopped reinventing itself and innovating. Thus it has gone from being home furniture maker to solution specialist for state-of-the-art work environments.

‘Cool working’ by Actiu is an internal reflection which enables the design of work environments with the aim of improving the wellbeing of the people that inhabit them. It also focuses on boosting the efficiency and productivity of organisations.

According to the conclusions of numerous studies, offices nowadays should be designed based on four trends which help one find the so-called ‘flow state’ – which enables us to be absorbed and completely focused on what we are doing, thus achieving a maximum state of productivity. These spaces, Focus, Teamwork, Fresh time (socialising; networking), and Training are the four pillars of the new work environment

In this curatorial project artists are encouraged to propose multidisciplinary, innovative art works, embracing the harmonious site specificity of the newly interpreted office space that breaks the rules of hierarchy for the sake of Netarchy, responding to the new paradigms of TO BE in opposition to ‘to Have’, enhancing interconnectedness, LONG TERM JOURNEY and Intuition.
Curated by Kris Cieslak and Beata Kozlowska.

For additional information and to apply, please visit our website
For questions, please send an email to

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