'AlteReD' Group Show - pushing the ideas of collaboration and ownership in a post digital culture

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Chrom-Art in collaboration with RB12 proudly present “AlteReD”, a group show that aims to push the idea of collaboration and ownership so present in our post digital culture. The exhibition runs from 4 July to 3 September 2019, at RB12 Design Space, Shoreditch, London.

This project arises as a reflective thinking on Rauschenberg & De Kooning “collaboration drawing” hanging at the MOMA to challenge our notion of ownership. It mirrors today’s visual world that is copied, reposted through social media and raises questions about copyright, value and ownership.

The experience involved ten London based artists, coupled in pairs, and finishing each other’s works whilst reflecting on the experience. The results are astounding.


Sal Jones in response to Santiago Alcon’s original artwork
‘What We Will Do For Love’, oil on canvas

“I wanted to keep the strong reds, the textures and the vertical lines created by the chair back. I decided to replace the two original figures with two different ones, increasing the space between them, exaggerating the idea of distance and to portray a sense of loss. The image represents a lack of communication, and loss of Love.” – Sal Jones

Santiago Alcon in response to Sal Jones’s original artwork
‘Dark Presence’, oil on canvas

“The original was an image from Sal Jones cinematic genre. I felt a looser mark-making would push the work closer to the subject inner thoughts. I really want to keep Sal original striking profile, therefore I focused towards the overcast side of the canvas, balancing the duality of the work” – 
Santiago Alcon

Caterana Tonnē Fleur in response to Debbie Castro’s original artwork
‘The Roses’, photograph

“Debbie’s book ‘Who gave you the Roses’ was the artwork I decided to rework, it confronts the difficult theme that is having an eating disorder from a first-person perspective, it touched me. I wanted to make it into a new story that was hopeful and retained some elements of the original work. The colour used was food derived and the flowers represent growing hope in a possible future” – Caterana Tonnē Fleur

Debbie Castro in response to Caterana Tonnē Fleur’s original artwork
‘Debbie and Cat’, mixed media

“Caterana has a fascination with Brutalist architecture. We, humans, design and build these giant structures of concrete.My response to her images is a narrative in the stillness. This is a discussion about women in 2019. I wanted to add more tension by cutting up, covering up, painting and manipulating the image and then framing it as a still.” – Debbie Castro

Maureen Nathan in response to Eleanor Buffam’s original artwork
‘Specimen’, mixed media

“My initial response to the movement in Eleanor’s painting was to contradict it. I wanted to slow the figure down, reposition her away from the centre and calm the landscape. The finish on the original painting inhibited the use of paint so I turned to collage. The process overtook any considerations or intentions leaving me with the sensation that I had trapped the figure, like catching a butterfly. The remnant of the fleeing figure behind a grill gives the piece its title ‘Specimen’ “– Maureen Nathan

Eleanor Buffam in response to Maureen Nathan’s original artwork
‘Alien Dreams’, oil on canvas

“I received the painting from Maureen which was very different to my usual style. Normally I have the painting planned out from the beginning but in this case I had to react to what was there, forcing me to go against pre-conceived notions and react instinctively” – Eleanor Buffam

Marc Craig in response to Gianluca Pisano’s original artwork
‘Medusa’s Memory’, mixed media on canvas

“Noting that perfection is an abstract concept as individual as each Marilyn Monroe that Warhol produced but the first time I rested my eyes on Gianluca Pisano’s Medusa I was momentarily transcended into one of those amazing spaces where time is of little concern and yet you hold your breath for eternity. It was her eyes that caught me, the rich blood red of that gaze that would turn any living thing to stone, and as is such the skill of Gianluca I felt like I was the only person ever to survive such an experience” – Marc Craig

Gianluca Pisano in response to Marc Craig’s original artwork
Basquiat Dream, oil on canvas

“Marc Craig’s picture has a strong connection with the Graffiti world and immediately I thought of Jean Michel Basquiat.
I then Painted a portrait of JMB with an Egon Schiele flavour added to it. I thought that Basquiat tragic and short life was a perfect subject for a portrait in that style. I enjoyed this project immensely, for me was an exercise in letting go and trust” -Gianluca Pisano

Lisa Kreuzieger in response to Bettina Stuurman’s original artwork
‘Just Another Layer’, oil on canvas

“Working collaboratively on the same painting results in a new work with traces of both artists‘ creative processes. I maintained the original composition in terms of shapes and spaces, added a layer of phthalocyanine blue and changed the format of the new monochrome from vertical to horizontal: an artistic process of seeing a new one” – Lisa Kreuzieger

Bettina Stuurman in response to Lisa Kreuzieger’s original artwork
‘The Right…To Copy’, mixed media

“When exchanging our works, I discovered that Lisa had lived for years in California. The works she gave to me are a memory and heritage of her time there. They carried the titles Sun City 8 & 9.
My intention was to marry the Sun City paintings & copies of hippies & surfers living on the California Coast within a collage. Apart from making these arrangements, I’ve been drawing & doodling happily around them. So many stories to tell…” -Bettina Stuurman

About the participating artists
Bettina Stuurman’s latest works are compositions of meaningful photos and texts collected from random newspapers & magazines blended in colourful doodling and drawings. There is a constant questioning and searching to find a disruptive relationship between shape and colour.



Caterana Tonnē Fleur is a London-based photographer. Her images are a study of the relationship between people and space. Shapes and architecture are the habitat of her subjects and details that would otherwise go unnoticed are the obsessions that captures her attention.



Debbie Castro is an Irish born, London- based photographer. She alters, paints and recomposes her documentary and found photographs in an attempt to create work that deals with the notion of truth in photography and its impact on identity, loss and letting go.



Eleanor Buffam is primarily a painter, interested in exploring ideas of community, interdependence, and interconnectivity, especially regarding humanity’s place with one another and with our environment -our cities, the Earth, and the cosmos.



Gianluca Pisano is a Sardinian born, London based artist, who uses traditional oil painting methods. Inspired by the Baroque, he produces works that focus on the figure but introduce contemporary themes.



Lisa Kreuziger is a London-based artist who works in painting and installation. Drawing from diverse sources of artistic vocabulary, she strives to catch the essence of an experience and open up new perspectives.



Marc Craig is an artist who is based in Central London who works on large-scale mural projects in urban settings. He also is a passionate advocate for other people’s creativity and uses collaboration as a tool to realise the upgrade that is always available for any creative project



Maureen Nathan is a contemporary British artist based in London. She works figuratively with a strong emphasis on drawing. Her practice is informed by memory and the world around her.



Sal Jones is a London-based artist whose painting focuses on our relationship with representation; particularly with regard to human expression and communication.



Santiago Alcon’s current work explores postmodern culture, social media, shifting ideas, symbolism and our need for social connections that shape us and gives us a sense of identity.



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