‘VIVIDO’ Exhibition by Ricardo Cabral opens in London

'Rorschach' by Ricardo Cabral

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Kicking off their new year’s art program, Chrom-Art in collaboration with RB Twelve presents ‘Vivido’ (Portuguese for ‘vivid’) a new solo exhibition by Ricardo Cabral who presents a series of works produced with his distinctive multi-layered technique which produces unique textures and dimension to his abstract artworks. The exhibition runs from 17th January till 27th February 2019 in RB Twelve.

With a long trajectory which includes several international art festival appearances and dividing his time between London and Cape Town, Cabral takes inspiration from the colourful palette of the inspiring African landscape along with the vibrant, fast-paced cultural scene of one of Europe’s great capitals.

This South African fascination with art began at a young age with his maternal grandmother, a well-known artist of Portuguese origin. Her influence left a strong impression on Ricardo. It aroused a distinctive inquisitiveness that has characterised his work since the early days of art workshops up to his more mature studied work of today.

For Cabral, a work of art and the space it occupies are both equally important and form one entity that cannot be separately understood. Both must be given equal care and attention.

Innovation is also clearly visible in Ricardo’s work and can be seen through the use of techniques and materials that intensify the visual experience and add a unique touch to the artist’s style

17 January – 27 February 2019
RB Twelve, Design Shop, Shoreditch Village, 6 King John Court, London EC2A 3EZ
(open Monday-Saturday 10.00 to 18.00).

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