Time Space Existence: The fourth edition of the biennial exhibition opens in Venice

Palazzo Mora 2_Photo by GAA Foundation

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With over 200 participating architects and artists, the fourth edition of Time Space Existence opens in Venice from May 26 to November 25 2018 and includes internationally renowned figures such as Odile Decq, Peter Eisenman, Kengo Kuma, Daniel Libeskind, Fumihiko Maki, Richard Meier & Partners Architects, MVRDV, Toshiko Mori, Moshe Safdie and SOM.

Its titular concepts—time, space, and existence—shape the contours of the world around us. This is a continuing theme from the first three iterations of the biennial exhibition, and this deliberate endurance through time sets it apart in a frequently ephemeral cultural world. In posing expansive and existential questions to this year’s participants, it is hoped that new architectural approaches can emerge.

Time Space Existence features a wide range of projects, from models, concepts, research outcomes, thoughts, dreams and ideas from international architects, photographers, sculptors and universities at all stages in their careers. The works are housed over three elegant locations in the heart of Venice—Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora, and the verdant Giardini Marinaressa.

The exhibition presents extraordinary opportunities for dialogue between different generations of architects, yet public engagement remains at its core. In line with its outward-facing ambition, the exhibition is open to the public and completely free to attend.

Each location dedicated to the exhibition offers a unique atmosphere. The rooms of Palazzo Bembo house many solo presentations. Palazzo Mora presents the research of many universities together with photography and international studio projects. The Giardini Marinaressa hosts a number of sculptures and site-specific installations, including a monumental tower by architect Daniel Libeskind entitled Facing Gaia. A project for the Anthropocene, the work pulls together ideas about the climate, time and space. This work is kindly sponsored by GRIP Metal.

Time Space Existence is organized by the European Cultural Centre with the support of the GAA Foundation.

The GAA Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organization aiming to increase awareness of the theory and philosophies that shape contemporary art, architecture, and culture. Through exhibitions, symposia, books and more, the GAA Foundation makes ideas accessible to an international audience. In this spirit, all exhibitions and events are free of charge.

The European Cultural Centre (ECC) is an organization fostering research, design and interdisciplinary encounters. It encourages artistic and creative activities and facilitates processes of exchange at all levels: visual art, dance, theatre, music, literature and architecture. The ECC is based at Palazzo Mora in the historical center of Venice.

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