Painter Bogdan Mihai Radu – 1st prize at Oxford International Art Fair 2018


The painter Bogdan Mihai Radu meets the expectations of his fans and admirers by winning the first prize at OIAF 2018, where he was – according to unofficial sources – the main favourite since the festival’s debut.

It’s the Romanian painter’s first time at an international art fair, which brings him the first specialised prize. This means not being given a trophy or recognition coming from a jury, but his default participation at the Tokyo International Art Fair, organised by the same promoting company as the Oxford’s.

Bogdan Mihai Radu saw an anticipated success at this event, as he was considered – together with two another artists – representative from the visual point of view for this year’s edition of the fair. Precisely, out of about 150 artists and participating galleries, just three had been chosen for the main page of the festival’s site.

After the awarding ceremony held on February 25th, where he was given the prize from Richard Knight, former Old Masters and 19th Century specialist of the famous Christie’s auction house, Bogdan Mihai Radu said: “We live emotions every day and they say about us – the artists – that we have them amplified compared to other people. On that night, I felt that I’ve made myself the most beautiful gift for my birthday that is on the 2nd of March, a success that I longed for a lifetime. It’s hard for me to put it in words what I feel; I hope I would do this better on a canvas, soon. Thank you very much Cambridge School Bucharest for the sponsorship.”

The Oxford International Art Fair was open between February 23rd and 25th, 2018, at the famous British city mayor’s hall.

To find out more about Bogdan Mihai Radu’s work, visit Follow the artist’s Facebook page!

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