Nou Wave pop-up gallery first show opens in London

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A collaboration between Christopher Spring, the creator of Corridor Gallery and Art In Brighton, and the artist Constantin III, Nou Wave is a pop up gallery born in the UK with the first of many shows at the renowned Old Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey on the 15th – 21st November.

Aimed for those seeking to experience something different, and exploring the possibility of finding a new visual language:

“We have found creations that bring us joy or evoke emotions made in the midst of this political s***show across Europe. And we want to show them to you. Great Art does not have to be political Great art doesn’t even have to be visually spectacular. Duchamp proved that. Doris Salcedo proved that. Martin Creed too. And the reactions to a life changing piece can be just as subtle: A smile, a knowing nod , a quiet tut” – The curators

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