“Illusion”, Ireneo Frizzarin Solo Show opens in London

Ireneo Frizzarin
Image by juanrendon.es
Produced by Chrom-Art‘Illusion’, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Ireneo Frizzarin opened its doors from 12th July to 20th August 2018 at RB12 in Shoreditch, London.

Born in Padua, Italy, in 1979, Frizzarin has lived and worked in London since 2002. After graduating from Wimbledon School of Art in 2008, he began to undertake private commissions. His works include famous collaborations with Donna Karan NY and Gordon Ramsey.  Frizzarin is a painter and multidisciplinary artist whose work has been featured in solo exhibitions in London, New York, Spain and his native Italy, and can be found in private collections worldwide.

Memories of facts, people and events have a strong influence on his paintings, which attempt to capture moments in his life. Looking critically at the intrinsic value of life, actions, words and objects is an essential feature of his extensive body of work.

Frizzarin’s imagery is influenced by British pop artists, those translating from the original American. His own symbols have a kind of grammatical system. The flowers and the butterflies, like prepositions or connectives are always there but are no use on their own; then there are the verbs and nouns like the bentwood chair from his father’s bedroom, the stone bath where he and his many siblings were bathed in. His recent paintings have found a new layer of text.

“I am mindful that my language, in English, is a translation of my mother’s tongue. The words used, for me, are not specific enough either but in the relationships between the words and the images there is possibility for thinking”, he says

“I often feel that all the holidays I have had, the different homes, and failed relationships have also been illusions;
like the symbols I use, I had become used to living with multiple imagined futures, ones based on ‘if’s. This lack of certainty affects my belief in my own solidity.” – Ireneo Frizzarin


As with relationships, when do you know that you’re finished with a painting?
To get to the end of a painting I do everything that I feel I have to; it may be exhibited and then. And then I live with it, realising a kind of emptiness and that I hadn’t known what to do next and that it wasn’t really resolved after all. Like the idea of negative capability, the capacity to live through the uncomfortable feelings of not knowing. I had once wanted to burn all my paintings and start afresh.

About Identity
The paintings are definitely portrait not landscape and describe my process of becoming a me that is strong enough to take on the significant additional new layers without the need to obliterate what is underneath: I enjoy the pissing all over of the graffiti words. These paintings are a description of me, not a prescription.

To find out more about Ireneo Frizzarin’s work, visit www.ireneofrizzarin.com

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