GENDER*UCK; media art beyond & between concepts of gender

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Media arts question boundaries and definitions of societal concepts, including notions and conceptions of gender. Gender*uck presents a next generation of artists investigating boundaries of gender concepts. These young artists investigate gender fluid representation in diverse media: Where does technology empower, where does it limit our conceptions of self and other? How can we look beyond binary forms of representations in the context of the binary and digital in new media. In a tech-centric world of media abundance, what roles can artists play in questioning gender norms, gender representations and gender normativity?

Paul Kindersley (Hayward Gallery) looks at gender normalisations in youtube make-up tutorials. Drucilla Burrell investigates aesthetics beyond gender definitions through her fine art photography series. Media artist Birgitta Hosea discusses gender in her animation and performance practice. Paula Callus is presenting her work with Nigerian women artists from an anthropological angle focusing upon the culturally located experiences of gender. James Nasmyth will present a photo-booth that subverts gender conceptions. Peju Alatise is a Nigerian artist, who will present one of her pieces on women in Nigeria. Artist Jake Elwes explores alternative gender representations in the context of machine learning algorithms: What happens when computers try to find patterns of beauty beyond gender concepts and their mathematical confinements. Last but not least, Ro Greenberg’s investigates non-binary concepts through their art and music creation. Talks by Birgitta Hosea, Jake Elwes and Paula Callus will be presenting their work through talks will be contextualised by artist demos.

Together these artists discuss limitations, possibilities and the future of technology for art forms beyond gender in the context of New Media – in an evening curated by FLUX co-founder Olive Gingrich.

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Presenters include: Peju Alatise, Paula Callus, Jake Elwes, James Nasmyth, Ro Greenberg & Maddy James, Drucilla Burell, Birgitta Hosea, Paul Kindersley

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