FT2 Third edition: Two kisses and a memorable exhibition

'Train Journey n.3' by KV Duong. Image by @albertpalenshoots
image by @albertpalenshoots

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Last 22 May at the opening of the Clerkenwell Design Week, Chrom-Art in collaboration with Actiu launched FT2 SPRING/SUMMER 2018, a group show that runs until September at Actiu’s London showroom. This is the third edition of the popular exhibition, dominated this time by Pop and Surrealism, and two paintings called ‘The Kiss’.
Actiu, leader in innovative design of state-of-the-art work environments and public spaces with presence in 100 countries, and new artist incubator Chrom-Art, join forces to explore the power of Art to alter spaces, to inspire, to positively influence thoughts and evoke feelings and emotions.
In this seasonal curatorial project artists are encouraged to propose multidisciplinary, innovative art works, embracing the harmonious site specificity of the newly interpreted office space that breaks the rules of hierarchy for the sake of Netarchy, responding also to ethical and environmental sustainability through process and materials.

About the participating artists:

Original from Iran and London based, Aziz Anzabi focuses his art on sculpture and painting. Anzabi’s art has a main concept of myths and rituals and it takes form in both figurative and abstract styles. Anzabi’s work is collected worldwide, from UK, USA, Spain, Italy and Dubai.

Bella Grigoryants is a Berlin based Russian artist that uses her own body as canvas. She reproduces art masterpieces painted directly into her face; no Photoshop used. Her unique work has been featured and gone viral in ‘Bored Panda’ blog and many others.

Buse Tanil is a new contemporary artist working and living between her homeland Turkey and UK. Abstract art gives freedom to the artist to be concerned with emotion, rather than a physical form. Her latest pieces use large canvases to emphasise strong feelings and emotions.

Cyril Arsac was born in 1983 in Provence, Southern France. From a young age he was flooded with visions and images that entered his mind as a distorted view of life, and leading to his own strong emotions forcing him into art. Everything becomes a source of inspiration, allowing Arsac’s soul to escape through his work.

Jackie Abrahams is a London based artist trained at the Byam Shaw School Of Fine Art in London. Abrahams’ compelling book of work has very eclectic influences, from Surrealism to Deco. Abrahams draws from her experiences and feelings to create exotic and luxurious oil paintings oozing sensuality and warmth.

Kris Cieslak was born in Warsaw, Poland, currently working and living in London. Since 2004, Cieslak has devoted all his time to his practice, developing a unique painting style that is now called “stripism”. Cieslak has curated numerous art exhibitions, festivals and other art events in Warsaw, Paris and London.

KV Duong is a new London based painter and action artist. His work focuses on personal identity, migration, sexuality and human relationships. He draws from personal experiences growing up in Saigon, Toronto and London to explore the integration and conflict of Eastern and Western cultures and values.

Lindsay Pickett’s historical influences arise from Surrealism and Fantasy art. His painting practice started when researching Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dali. His own contemporary concerns include people and more recently, cityscapes that are often warped to create an impossible reality.


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