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With many of us still cooped up in our rooms like naughty children, we are still grappling to find new and engaging ways to feed our creative minds…

Here in London, since the government-enforced lockdown at the end of March, it has certainly been a balancing act trying to wade through the seemingly endless stream of sobering news, and still manage to keep a healthy mind in the shit storm. 

But on the flip side, it has been truly inspirational to hear stories of how innovative minds are persevering – and in some cases, even thriving. National Theatre Live have been tirelessly streaming some of the most celebrated plays in the country- which anyone can access on YouTube, turning your living room chair into a front row ticket. A wealth of galleries have now put their exhibitions up on virtual platforms for us to browse through. Heck, a pair of small time filmmakers have even just topped the US box office, with a $0 budget, 29-minute horror flick that was shot entirely on Zoom. Yes, never in history has there been a time where you could get this cultured just by sitting in your armchair. 

It is precisely in this climate where the people at Zabludowicz Collection come in. The North London gallery has created DFW (Down For Whatever); an amalgamation of contemporary art and music from a pool of international performers and creatives making waves exploring new rhythms and sound.  

“Taking note of the situation we all find ourselves in and the need for inspiring new material that is made for social media broadcast, not adapted to it, and the need to support performance based practice that at this time finds itself without the possibility of a public and with an uncertain future”. -Zabludowicz Collection

Created specifically for IGTV, and curated by NTS Radio host and international DJ, Mamiko Motto, DFW is the gallery’s attempt to lead the way into the new normal; as opposed to having to push the old format through the same old stencil.

Zabludowicz Collection has a long tradition in supporting and championing new emerging artists, and the opportunity to reach an even wider audience via this new digital platform looks promising. DFW is the first performance-based IGTV series that the gallery has launched, and artists will be announced one day prior to their show on Instagram, with each performance running anything between 10-40mins. 

On June 25th at 17:00, tune in for a special live performance from Belgian electronic producer and composer Hiele. Judging from the 2014 release Essential Oils on Antwerp label Ekster, be prepared for a heavily eclectic experience, fusing both improvisational and classical elements, with the unrestricted limitations of free jazz compositions.

Having collaborated on a plethora of creative projects that encompasses everything from fashion, documentary filmmaking, theatre and art productions, this live streamed performance should make for an interesting ride.

Read more about DFW here.

Zabludowicz Collection

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Article written by Sonny Arifien for Privilege of Legends

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