Carré Latin in Paris


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The Domaine National du Palais-Royal will host 30 Latin American contemporary artists in the framework of this year edition of the Carré Latin, the only art fair dedicated to the American subcontinent and the Caribbean in the so artistically vibrant city of Paris. It is an unique contemporary art experience from 16 to 26 October right in front of the Louvre museum. Carré Latin aims to be a stage for contemporary art movement rather than a “trade” fair for art. Unlike some other art fairs, Carré Latin joins efforts to promote the current spirit of Latin American artists. This fair remains more than an alternative to FIAC, the International Fair on Contemporary Art, it gives art lovers insights of the very sense of Latin American artistic approach.

Many of the artworks chosen come from around the world, especially between Europe, the United States, and Latin America in their respective countries of origin.

Three centuries of architectures as pilote for ongoing artistic development

Just take a look, or two, at the curiosa of some artworks. In fact, works of thirty artists will be around in the venue of the Palais Royal, the very emblemaric Parisian building, right in front of Louvre, and built by the Lemercier three centuries ago, thus making it the perfect spot to draw comparison between art back then and what artistic trends have gone through so far.


Amongst the those artists selected for the exhibition are Cristobal Ochoa,Consuelo Ginnari, Arturo Quintero, Arsenio Felipe, Ben Abounassif, Carlos Medina, Luis Mille, Jonidel Mendoza, Gisseline Amiuny, Gianna Polarrollo, Gaston Ugalde, Daniel Benaim, Efrain Ugueto, GaudiEste, Dario Perez, Jorge Cabises, Paulo Castro, Wilmer Herrison Tissage, Ventoso, Milton Becerra and Julio Pacheco.

by Vincent Echenique

Carré Latin


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