BODY & GAMES Escola Massana. Small Format Artworks. Art without aura

La Más Bella, Banda, 2017

Under the motto of dissident objects and garments, the show BODY & GAMES will gather more than 80 artists editions pieces, all works are in small format. The art show will open its doors on January 26, 2018, at Espai Busquets – Escola Massana of Barcelona and will be on display during two months, until March 23.

The exhibition invites to reflect on the world of small-format artist editions, those productions that dilute traditional disciplinary fields, take over the distribution system and the relationship with art consumers as all works are outside the hegemonic art market. BODY & GAMES offers creations thought-out to be multiples, prototypes or reproductions, pieces in all kinds of medium –objects, textiles, or paper.

BODY & GAMES uses creativity as a form of experience and as a form of popular consumption, an exercise of aesthetic utility.


The section BODY introduces pieces that are clothing and accessories. Art that is worn but made by artists, characterized by a search for disobedient and playful messages and behaviors. The clothes have messages and counter brands, poems, and multiple symbolic de-codifications: T-shirts, printed fabrics, bags, caps, pendants, temporal tattoos, towels or ties, all outside the traditional art market.


On the other hand, the section GAMES presents materials or objects that can be manipulated and played with. Artefacts that propose learning from manual practice, imagination, self-management, and recycling; crafts, irony, and games as foundations to other forms of experience; pieces to learn and enjoy: paper cutouts, coloring drawings, cardboard architectures, dolls, puzzles or targets.

BODY & GAMES has selected 85 pieces, belonging to 27 authors, working groups, collective projects and editorials that are part of the self-managed philosophy of art. Artworks that have a prominent ideological place in the art, design and craftsmanship scenes, projects that decided to abandon the commercial spectacle in favor of the free creation and circulation of works.

Among the artists’ editorials are Arts & Clothes, Arts Coming, Degénero, Eldital’ull, La Gran, La Lata, La Más Bella, Moda Social and Tinta Invisible. Collectives such as Democracia, the anti-brand Barcelona Mata, Fluorescer, Les Salonnieres, Clàudia Del & Jaume Clotet and POxPO. Among the individual artists are Sandra March, Gelen Jeleton, Eve Ariza, Laura Llaneli, Raquel Riba Rossy (Lola Vendetta), Isabel Banal, Dani Montlleó, Alvar Calvet, F.A.R., Rafel G. Bianchi, DosJotas and Miquel García.

BODY & GAMES puts aside the artistic tradition and proposes an “art without aura”, understood as the liberation of the artistic object from its obligation to be unique and unrepeatable through the systematic reproduction of the prototype. The exhibition offers a scenario of high visuality, very informative with materials that facilitate the identification and understanding of the art pieces, and moreover, it offers the possibility to buy the artworks from its websites or contact details. For that purpose, a catalog online has been produced with the author details and all pieces –at prices ranging from 5 to 300 Euros.

Exhibition: January 26-March 23, 2018

Espai Busquets

Escola Massana. Centre d’art i Disseny

Plaça de la Gardunya, 9, 08001 Barcelona

Curators: Pilar Bonet & María Muñoz


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