Berlin Art Week, part II

Photo Robert Lippok 16.09.17, 21 53 44 (4)
Robert Lippok. Photo Holger Schulz

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This is the second part of the intense Berlin Art Week, where we have highlighted solo and group shows, large-scale exhibitions, and new partners on performative arts: dance and theatre. This year, all eyes will be on the new Volksbühne and the first season at the storied theater under the artistic direction of Chris Dercon, former Tate Modern director, whose appointment provoked disputes and criticism in Berlin. Meanwhile, Belgian performance artist Miet Warlop was getting a retrospective across the HAU three locations.

Dance and performance

Boris Charmatz: Musée de la Danse at Volksbühne 

The French choreographer Boris Charmatz presents Musée de la Danse Charmatz’s carefully orchestrated performances, where he subverts the traditional dance house by reframing it as a new kind of museum, which he calls Musée de la danse. One of the performances included in Berlin Art Week, titled A Dancer’s Day, made its world premiere on September 14 at the new, second new location of Chris Dercon’s Volksbühne, at the defunct Tempelhof airport’s Hangar 5. From September 14th until 24th Charmartz has employed thirty dancers to focus on the daily routines of dancers —warmup, rehearsal, performance, rest, and finally, the dance floor —over the course of a six-hour performance.

Miet Warlop Retrospective at HAU

The Belgian artist Miet Warlop presented her “portraits of a decade” at HAU Hebbel am Ufer theaters only during the duration of the art week, September 14 to 16 and was sold out every day. The retrospective comprehended a series of three individual works which Warlop produced for the institution over five years. At HAU 2, all three works were brought together in one exhibition.

Great format exhibitions

Willem de Rooij: Whiteout at KW

A selection of works by the Dutch artist that span the past 20 years is presented at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Of particular interest is the inclusion of some of de Rooij’s earliest works made during his collaborative practice with Jeroen de Rijke, under the name de Rijke/de Rooij until de Rijke’s death in 2006. As such, the show is focused on works of de Rooij works produced with a partner as well as in his solo, independent practice. On view until the 17th of December.

Geoffrey Farmer: The Care With Which The Rain Is Wrong at Schinkel Pavilion

For Berlin Art Week, Geoffrey Farmer has taken over the two floors of the Schinkel Pavilion with two large-scale installations conceived specifically for the occasion. The installations presented look at the history of the Schinkel Pavilion itself and of course the city of Berlin, through the display of large archives of images modified by the artist. On view till 12tn of November.

Geoffrey Farmer: The Care With Which The Rain Is Wrong at Schinkel Pavilion

Danny Lyon: Message to the Future & Willi Ruge: Fotoaktuell at C/O

Danny Lyon photographer and filmmaker is one of the most important chroniclers of the American civil rights movement. Throughout a career spanning over fifty years, Lyon took countless photographs documenting social reality and bearing unmistakable witness to the political battles of half a century—while also seamlessly fusing his photographic work with moving images and the written word. C/O Berlin showcases this retrospective first time in Germany with approximately 175 photographic works and lesser-known films, collage works, and materials from Lyon’s private archive.

Danny Lyon exhibition at ℅

Willi Ruge passion for sport, aviation, and car racing makes him the protagonist of this era of optical sensations and speed. Ruge’s work brings together a heterogeneous mix of politics, a fascination with technology, a love of experimentation, and visual irony and storytelling. Fotoaktuell is Ruge’s first worldwide retrospective with around 140 vintage photographs from agencies and publishing archives as Ruge’s entire image archive in Berlin-Schöneberg was destroyed during the war in 1943.

Willi Ruge, Deutsches Reich (1918-1945): German air force: machine gunner. Featured in ‘Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung’ 02/1936

Other highlights

Festival of Future Nows 2017 → ∞ at Hamburger Bahnhof

Hamburger Bahnhof in collaboration with the Institut für Raumexperimente by Olafur Eliasson held the show Festival of Future Nows 2017 → ∞, offering over 100 artists space to present and implement their ideas via interdisciplinary formats like temporary settings, collective performances, improvised installations, situational readings, poetic sound performances and playful interactions. “The challenge is in the moment. The time is always now.”

Among artists presenting their works are Robert Lippok, Aram Bartholl, Andreas Greiner, Julian Charrière or Julius Von Bismark.

Alfredo Jaar: Rosa, Karl, Bertolt, Herbert and the others at n.b.k. façade

Working in public space is deeply rooted in the practice of Chilean born and NY based artist Alfredo Jaar. His series of graphical diagrams, kind of pictorial puzzle conceived for the n.b.k., entitled Rosa, Karl, Bertolt, Herbert and the others, is an homage to Harun Farocki, naming four of the many intellectuals whose thinking deeply influenced Farocki’s work, and the critical view of social conditions common to all of them. At the same time, it addresses the varied history of Chausseestrasse. As one of the oldest streets in Berlin, it has been a major center of production and business since the 19th century. From 1961 to 1990, the street was divided by the Berlin Wall and marked by a tightly controlled checkpoint at its north-western end.

Rosa, Karl, Bertolt, Herbert and the others by Alfredo Jaar, Facade n.b.k.

Wilson Díaz: Chimera at DAAD

Wilson Díaz is currently artist-in-residence in the DAAD Artist Programme. For Berlin Art Week, the daadgalerie has presented the show Chimera, in which the artist draws attention to the political situation and visual culture in Colombia with his collection of record covers from several decades.

Artistic Project spaces and Initiatives

Independent project spaces, which are particularly numerous in Berlin, are key to the city’s importance as a center for contemporary art. Twenty artistic project spaces received the Award for Project Spaces and Initiatives of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. The award ceremony took place at Bar Babette and held a podium discussion on the subject of city and space along with films, performances, and a party.

Private Collections

Over the weekend, the organization of the Berlin Art Week provided guided tours of the 14 Berlin private collections presented in their spaces, sometimes private, sometimes museum-like. Private Collections presented: Salon Dahlmann, Kunstsaele Berlin, Haubrok Foundation, Kienzle Art Foundation, The Feuerle Collection, Museum Frieder Burda, Sammlung Hoffmann, Julia Stoschek Collection, Sør Rusche Sammlung Oelde/Berlin, Collection Regard, Wurlitzer Pied A Terre, Sammlung Boros, Elke Und Arno Morenz Collection, Sammlung Ivo Wessel.

Words: María Muñoz
Photos: Courtesy of Berlin Art Week and Institutions, credits in every photo.

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