'ART IN FLUX: Experiments in Media Arts Now' Opens Soon

Transcendence, Kimatica Studio, 2018, copyright Kimatica Studio

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In London, from May 31st to June 3rd 2018, FLUX Events have orchestrated their first public exhibition ‘ART IN FLUX: Experiments in Media Arts Now’. Teaming up with Ugly Duck, and Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, FLUX will showcase artist’s works on the intersection between art and technology. For the first time, FLUX’s introspective artist discourse will be opened to the wider public, local communities and those unfamiliar with Media Art in the UK.

Profiling contemporary strategies in the Media Arts and Light Art happening right now in the UK; the event will be curated by FLUX founders Aphra Shemza, Maria Almena and Oliver Gingrich and co-curated with the artists involved as a collective project. Themed around three concepts: Light/Reflections, Transformation/Illusion and Transcendence the public is invited to explore what it means to create Media Art over the course of the exhibition. Through interactivity, playful engagement and a densely packed program of talks and performances, Media Arts and cutting-edge technologies are opened to the public to explore, understand and engage with.

Participating artists include Kimatica Studio, Cyberdelics, Aphra Shemza, Andy Lomas, Analema Group, Karel Bata, Kira Zhigalina, Paul Friedlander, Rachel Freire & Sophia Brueckner, Sara Choudhrey, Schuster & Moseley, Jack Ratcliffe, Oliver Gingrich, Mowgli and Jasmine Pradissitto.

Concepts of Media Art will also be presented through the exhibition’s talks and workshops program. The talks program will focus on concepts recently explored by the FLUX artist community, shedding light on the objectives and challenges for media artists working right now in the UK. A number of key organisations from the field of Visual Arts will present their specialist knowledge at ART IN FLUX. Performances curated by Maria Almena will complement the program, including performances by Kimatica Studio, Mowgli, BlackMoon1348, Takatsuna Mukai & Hannah Marsden and Analema Group. The aim of the exhibition is to open up the FLUX Events discourse – technical, conceptual and artistic – to the public, enabling a discursive exchange with non-artists and communities.

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