All Aboard: The Detailed Eye of Constantin Prozorov

"Arriving in Berlin would be like.." 2020 Gucci by Alessandro Michele

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If you’ve recently skimmed through the pages of any leading fashion publication, chances are you’ve probably come across the detailed work of fashion artist Constantin Prozorov.

A highly skilled creative with a flair for fusing elements of the real and the surreal, Prozorov’s art work for a number of notable luxury brands and designer labels is at the forefront of fashion and style. Currently based in Berlin, where he has established his very own social media agency specialising in digital content for the fashion industry, the distinct work of this talented artist has featured prominently in just about every significant publication, from Vogue, Glamour, Elle and Another Man – and in Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa.

With an artist as prolifically active as Constantin Prozorov, one would have imagined it to be quite difficult to sit down and chat about the creative process, and about the perennial ups and downs of the industry. Chalk it up as a stroke of good fortune, or the willing openness to share with us his thoughts. Either way, we had the opportunity for this exclusive interview on one of today’s leading artists in the world of fashion and design.

“Art Meets Fashion” -2018 Giambattista Valli by Giambattista Valli/ “The Birth of Venus” by William Adolphe Bouguereau

Would you mind telling us a little about your history, and how you came about establishing your own social media agency?

I see myself as a visual artist who unites the two worlds of art and fashion- and in doing so creating a completely new medium of communication.

Growing up in Kazakhstan, I was lucky enough to be wholly immersed into a very open and multicultural society from an early age. My parents nurtured and encouraged the interests of my brother and I – which for myself was primarily architectural design, and later in fashion. In the late 90s my family decided to settle down in a small rural town in Southern Germany. 

“My Neighbor is Spying on me: What can I do?” -2018 Gucci by Alessandro Michele / Balenciaga by Demna Gvasalia

For a creative and ambitious person such as myself, the small town life didn‘t exactly have much to offer. So at the age of 18 I relocated to Munich, where I studied for four years at the German Master School for Fashion, Communication and Design. These studies opened up a new world for me – and most importantly, they showed me that fashion can be more than just design.

Not much longer after this I decided to travel to Paris, one of the major artistic junctions for fashion and art. Here I met the acquaintance of French Haute Couture designer, Gustavo Lins – moving over eventually to Conde Nast publishing house as a stylist and correspondent, where I had the first hand opportunity to look behind the scenes of how high-fashion editorials operate. 

“I Used to have Superpowers but the Society took them away” -2018 Vivenne Westwood by Vivienne Westwood

Four years ago I moved to the bustling hub of Berlin, following the call of Wolfgang Joop, the founder of the luxury and cosmetics brand JOOP! who hired me to work as his design assistant for his new label Wunderkind.

The technique of collage has always fascinated me, and I realised very early that it could be a new form of fashion communication. When I established my own business as a collage artist, I was lucky enough to receive the immediate support from a number of well-respected Italian luxury brands. Two years ago, I combined the element of animation with the technique of collage and created a new and interesting visual art form. Today, I see myself as a visual artist who tells surreal stories in collaboration with luxury brands.

“Don’t Study Me. You Won’t Graduate!” -2017 Gucci by Alessandro Michele

Looking at your immensely diverse portfolio of work in fashion and design, could you elaborate on how your international experience has been an advantage for you in the creative industry?

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with interesting and talented people immediately after my studies, allowing me the invaluable opportunity to not only learn from them, but to inevitably make mistakes and grow from this experience.  

When I started my own business, one of the key advantages was that I already knew how to create great work from a small budget, with a well-rounded knowledge of the spirit of the industry at the time. 

I believe that fashion and art should live in the now – and by looking to the future you must pay homage to the past. 

“Berlin, I Love U” -2018
Gucci by Alessandro Michele

Where does your inspiration derive from with regard to your style of animation and collage, and why do you think your recent campaigns for Gucci and Moncler have been so instrumental in pushing their brand?

Whilst I can be inspired by a multitude of elements that trigger emotions – be it fashion, art, music, theatre, film, to nature and everyday situations – there are also specific artists I look up to and who inspire me in my work, such as Tim Burton, David LaChapelle, Wes Anderson and Alessandro Michele. These artists are able to create unexpected and magical worlds full of stories and desires; and they allow us the opportunity to momentarily escape the reality of our lives.

Luxury brands such as Moncler and Gucci have understood that in today‘s world it is no longer enough to simply have beautiful glossy pictures with top models. You have to offer the viewer and the consumer an experience; a desire that can only be achieved by working with different artists who are willing to go beyond the limits of their own imagination.

“Introducing the World of Moncler. Where Zebra Prints are a little extra” -2019 Moncler by Richard Quinn

In your opinion, how has fashion publishing changed over the years, and what do you think the future holds for major publications?

In my opinion, the world of fashion publishing hasn‘t changed much at all. Unfortunately, this is why publishing houses and magazines are in such a terrible state of affairs. Their heavy reliance upon familiar and preserved methods has proven outmoded – furthermore, they no longer have access to the budgets and finances of previous years, forecasting a shaky and uncertain future. 

What motivates you to stay ahead of the game and at the cutting-edge of creative design?

Love. Simply the love for art and the feeling of being able to give something beautiful to the world. In these difficult days and times I feel that there is evermore need to give people back something that makes us smile and dream. 

“That beautiful moment in your life with your new Guccy’s” -2019 Gucci by Alessandro Michele “Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo Davinci

Would you mind sharing with us what we may expect from you in the near future?

Currently I am working on a charity project which will be launched in October. In autumn there will be new collaborations with a number of notable luxury brands from Italy, France and Germany. I have also been working on an exhibition concept for quite some time now, and as soon as the worldwide health crisis is over I will have my first solo exhibition.

There is of course another big dream of mine – and that is the hope that one day I’ll get the chance to direct a film and tell my story in motion pictures.

Read more about Constantin Prozorov here.

Written by Sonny Arifien @Sonnyandhispen


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